Marine transport business

Ship rental and leasing business (Ship-owner business)

Japan is an island nation surrounded by oceans and seas. Since the ancient times, we have traveled to and from and traded with foreign countries by ships.
Today, the marine transport still serves as an important network that supports the world economy.

Since its establishment, our company has played an important part in the marine transport business as a ship leasing (or ship-owner) company. As the owner of large-size cargo ships, we built partnership with major public marine transport companies, based on our steady and healthy management foundation.

*Ship rental and leasing business is a type of business to lease ships owned by the Company or by the affiliated companies to ship operators.


Ship management business [Osaka Fleet Co.,Ltd.]

One of our affiliated companies, Osaka Fleet Co., Ltd., focuses on ship management business for ships for overseas service. Based on the “ISM Code” below, it has developed a safety control system to ensure safe operation of the ships under its management, while securing and training competent foreign sailors.

What is the “ISM Code”?
The objective of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) is to “ensure safety at sea and to avoid injury and loss of human lives at sea as well as damage to the environment, especially the marine environment and properties.
In order to make decisions in a prompt and correct manner in the event of emergency including maritime accidents, it is obligatory to develop international standards and compile them into a manual, regarding a series of measures and responses.

Real estate lessors and managers

While applying its knowhow in ship leasing in marine transport business to the land sector, our company owns and leases real estate properties including office buildings.

We specialize in leasing properties under our ownership, instead of purchasing or selling properties or brokering the sales of properties.

We conduct our real estate business together with Kotani Steamship Co., Ltd., another affiliated company.

Member of Osaka Building Owners and Managers Association